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Providing Immigration Services to the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia & Denmark. Get professional help on your Immigration Case regardless it is a straight forward checking to get peach of mind or a complex case where you need an experienced to have a look into.

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Who we are?
Johnson Mackenzie Immigration Ltd. provides accurate immigration advice and services to businesses and individuals alike. A combination of extensive experience, global presence and vast industry knowledge enables us to provide solutions that deliver results


We cater for those who are looking for a career as well as for those who are seeking a permanent settlement in UK, Canada, USA and Australia.


We offer excellently managed pre-flight to post landing services tailored to the needs of each client and provide a one-stop package of services to make an individual’s transition to a new land completely hassle-free.


We are dedicated to provide outstanding personalised services to make sure we acquire our clients’ trust and satisfaction. We will always aim to save our clients money and reduce the stress involved in immigration matters.


Why do I need Johnson Mackenzie Immigration Ltd?
Immigration rules and regulations can change daily depending on the country concerned. Global and UK immigration requirements are becoming increasingly strict.


It is therefore becoming ever more difficult for clients to determine the best solution to their immigration needs. A failure to correctly submit applications in the face of constantly changing requirements often results in rejections, delays and unnecessary costs. Furthermore, failure to adhere to strict immigration policy can result in fines.


Johnson Mackenzie Immigration Ltd can give assistance and provide solutions for these problems. As immigration specialists we are aware of the complex and ever-changing nature of immigration law.

We aim to represent you, the new migrant, to the Government of the country you wish to relocate to. 


We do this by gathering evidence on your behalf to persuade the Government that you meet the requirements set out in law. In accordance with the latest UK and global immigration developments, we present this evidence in such a way that it maximises the chances of a successful application.

All queries and concerns are handled expeditiously and without delay. We pride ourselves on our standard of service and have been praised for the speed of our responses and our efficiency.