Temporary Workers

You can come to the United Kingdom to do temporary work for a licensed sponsor.

You must have a job offer from a licensed sponsor, a valid certificate of sponsorship and pass the points-based assessment to be eligible to apply.

Creative and Sporting Worker
The creative and sporting worker category is for people coming to the United Kingdom to work or perform as sports people, entertainers or creative artists for up to 12 months.

If you are a sports person, you must be internationally established at the highest level in your sport and or your job must make a significant contribution to the development and running of sport at the highest level in the United Kingdom.

If you are a coach, you must be suitably qualified to do the job.

Charity Worker
The charity worker category is for people coming to the United Kingdom to do voluntary work for charity, which is not paid work. The work must be directly related to the work of your sponsor’s organisation.

Religious Worker
The religious worker category is for people coming to the United Kingdom to work temporarily as a religious worker.

Religious Workers can do
-Preaching, pastoral work and non-pastoral work;
-Work in the United Kingdom in the same way you are working in an overseas organisation (although your duties in the United Kingdom may be different). The job should be done during a break from your job overseas; or
-Work in a religious order with community which involves a permanent commitment like a monastery or convent. The work in a religious order must be in the order itself or outside work directed by the order. You can apply if you are a novice whose training means taking part in the daily community life of the order.

Goverment Authorised Exchange
The government authorised exchange category is for people coming to the United Kingdom through approved schemes that aim to share knowledge, experience and best practice, and to experience the social and cultural life of the United Kingdom. This category must not be used to fill job vacancies or to bring unskilled labour to the United Kingdom.

Your sponsor will be an overarching body who manages the government authorised exchange scheme. This overarching body must have the support of a United Kingdom government department.

Individual employers and organisations will not be allowed to sponsor migrants in this category, even if they are licensed as sponsors under other tiers or other categories of Tier 5. The only exceptions to this are if you are coming to the United Kingdom:
-As a sponsored researcher, where the higher education institution you are coming to work at will be your sponsor; or
-To work for a government department or agency.

International Agreement
The international agreement category is for people coming to the United Kingdom under contract to do work that is covered under international law, including:
-The General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS);
-Similar agreements between the United Kingdom and another country;
-Employees of overseas governments and international organisations; and
-Private servants in diplomatic households.

Youth MObility Scheme
The youth mobility scheme is for young people from participating countries who would like to come and experience life in the UK.

The countries in the scheme are:
-New Zealand

If you are a national of one of these countries, you may be able to come to the UK under the youth mobility scheme. Your national government will be your sponsor.

British overseas citizens, British overseas territories citizens and British nationals (overseas) can also apply under the scheme, and do not need a sponsor.